Your Complete Signage Solutions

The Signage Workshop has been established since 1996. We are a specialist in signages, providing full service from consultation, designing, implementation, and submission of documentation to relevant authorities for approval.

For more that 25 years, we have designed, manufactured, installed and maintained signages for institutions, corporations, statutory boards and government bodies, including private sectors throughout Singapore – across many industries. 

Our clients’ signages come in all shapes and size. We also able to design and customize signages to suit your specific requirement accordingly.

We are a BizSafe Level 3 accredited service provider always upholding the safety standards of our operation, products, and services in both our workshop and at clients’ premises.

Being a GeBiz trading partner, we have undertaken several signage projects for the various statutory boards over the years and have acquired valuable working experience to be your partner as well in your signage requirements.

Your Complete Signage Solution

Founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2007, Signage Workshop Pte Ltd provides clients with custom signage solutions and services with the highest value and quality. Over 26 years, Signage Workshop has designed, produced and implemented signs of different shapes, sizes and material-types that meet the needs of businesses and institutions, across industry sectors.

We customise the signage to suit client’s specific needs and requirements accordingly.

We are a trading partner in GEBIZ, committed to uphold safety standards of our operation, products and services in both our workshop and client’s premises. We have been awarded BizSAFE Level 3 certification by the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH).

Our dedicated team in Signage Workshop delivers the full spectrum of specialist services which include consultation, design, production, implementation, installation and maintenance. We also provide the regulatory filing to approving authorities.

We are also well equipped with every aspect of the process from planning, designing, layout and implementing. We prepare documentation including (WSH) Risk Assessment, method of statement, schedule of works, PE Endorsement and submission of documentation to relevant authorities for approval as well.

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